Quitting is not an Option

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We all have many options in life. Sometimes life gives you the toughest task ever and you cannot endure that much of pressure and burden. And it seems to be you are totally broken. Though “Quitting is not an Option”. We all have gone through many proverbs citing never quit, never give up and so on and so forth. But when situation arises we try to run or escape in spite of confronting it. All I am trying to say is we always try to quit rather than even trying it.

In this world every individual has a dream of doing something. BUT out of billions only few number of people can achieve their goals and rest of the people remains in the dark. Answer is very simple because many people choose quitting as an option. The problem is that having an idea is never a big deal but execution, is the main thing. Once STEVE JOBS said that “sometimes life can hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith”

Different people have different problems, so they make different excuses. Like people think they are economically, physically, emotionally and mentally not capable of doing what necessary for their work. That’s all is absurd. I am not denying the fact that problems occur and sometimes it is more than we expect. But whatever the problem or circumstances are you need to modify them and move on. Promise yourself you’ll never look for quitting. Problems may slow you down for a little but quitting will kill you.

If you ever fail in your life never lose hope. Just try to get up and strive for it with greater enthusiasm. The only person stopping you from achieving your goal is the person in the mirror. To be an eminent personality you need to come out of your comfort zone. First of all believe in yourself. Try to take the first step and never give up. Improve your endurance and take it to the next level. If people are criticizing you let them do their job. As 80-90% of world population loves to criticize others. At last I want to conclude that be strong and wise to take your decision and never ever try to think quitting as an option.

Always remember “Tough time never last but tough people do”

Today Team Namito decide to talk about the quitting attitude which is happening with majority of us yet untraceable. Thank you so much if you are reading this. Like, share and comment if you like it. And please go through our website www.namito.in I am sure you might find something useful. Have an awesome day !!!

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