Discovery of Ratlami sev,where it came from..!!!!

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We all are very well aware of RATLAMI SEV and many of us actually tasted it. But none of us ever thought that where it came from. So, today I am going to reveal the very true story about it. As you all know the origin of RATLAMI SEV is RATLAM, a city in Malwa Region of Central India. But how people get to know that this is SEV. If you visit RATLAM and wander each and every place. You will get know about a place called Thavariya Bazar. From where it all started.

In ancient time when King and queen were there. The place so called Thavariya Bazar used to have a fare on daily basis. Where cloths, toys, utensils and many things were sold. A fare is incomplete without sweets and snacks. There was a special dish known to us as sevaneiya. Senvaneiya is a sweet dish so the maker of senvaeiya thought to do something knew and they prepared a salty and spicy version. The taste was new for them but it didn’t worked out.

But someone deliberately use all the ingredient except one. That is gram flour and now magic happened. The new thing that was created at that time was never expected to be get so popular. Now they realize that it was something worthy and gave it a name SEV. In ancient time SEV is only familiar to the people where it was founded. Then local people of RATLAM use that SEV to sell. Slowly it gains popularity in that region. And when Railway came in RATLAM. People used to sell this SEV to the passing by passengers and there increase the curiosity about RATLAMI SEV. And then SEV became popular across India.

Ratlami laung sev

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