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Team Namito is delighted to see you and welcomes you,let me tell you one thing that Namito is not a product,it’s an idea which was born in 2016 Jan, Slowly as time passed we started to think a proper name for this idea because it was anonymous.
Our main criteria is to bring the namkeen of Ratlam(M.P) to each & every individual wether he is in North or South,so the traditional way of preparing namkeen and its natural taste can reach as far as possible and for your information we just started with Ratlami Namkeen but this is just a begininng more is going to be added to the list of our stock soon. We are going to bring out popular snacks of other places as well such as Petha from Agra,Biscuits from Kolkata and so forth. We know many others in the market doing this but what’s new here,Nothing new but we assure you proper refunds,quality assurance and our service will make you feel privileged.
So, Team Namito India, again wants to say ThankYou and Namito will always be happy to put smiles on the faces around the country through our services.

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The Namito was just a vision before it was converted to idea and after seeing the idea it was decided by the idea creator Chandresh Rajput that the idea needs to be realised and converted into a living dream & from that point we have came a long way here. Now with so ease of website and application you can connect to namito anytime anywhere you want.

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