Application of RATLAMI SEV

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A very good morning to all of you. Today we’ll get to know the application of RATLAMI SEV. If you know what sev, is then you must know the various application of it. From application I mean how one can use SEV AND NAMKEEN for different purposes and it also adds some flavor in to it. Like if you remove the SEV from the pohas of RATLAMI, he will get through a heart attack, just kidding. What I mean is the poha becomes taste less.


As people of RTALAM can use it in anything, literally anything. One can use it with pohas as I already told you, with parmal that is a light snack, with khamand, over aloo chaat, with samosa along with chatani. We can also use it in our daily meal. One can use it with parathas of any kind. For your information, sev paratha is favorite of many people and it is also on the menu card of various restaurant and hotels. The good news is that you can use sev, mix with gravy and serve with bread too and it is easy to make and takes few minutes only.

See, above all are the various applications of sev and if you want to try it for something new then go for it. And do tell us what’s your new idea to use sev. If this article helps you in any form so please tell us in the comment section. We love to hear from your side and also give reply as soon as possible.

Here the problem arises. Now you know how to use sev and its other application also. But from where you can get original RATLAMI SEV. Because there are many providers, and you know many options create more confusion. Therefore NAMITO is here to help you out. You just need to click here and surf through the various product we are offering at NAMITO and place your order and we’ll be at your doorstep soon.

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