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This time we’ll talk about HANDMADE RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN. Oh Yes!! You definitely going to think that what is new about it. But my dear friends there is something extra ordinary about it. If you have tasted RATLAMI SEV AN D NAMKEEN then ok, but if you haven’t then you are missing something great.

Here handmade means that SEV AND NAMKEEN is prepared manually. A person who is skilled in preparing SEV AND NAMKEEN is needed. He does everything by himself from making dough of gram flor and other necessary ingredients to the end when frying takes place. The person who know how to prepare SEV AND NAMKEEN has very precise idea about how much black pepper, garlic, salt and other things to be mixed. I mean he has no instrument to measure the accurate ratio of ingredient but he has experience of several years. When we put together all this then only the mouthwatering taste of RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN obtain.

The reason why I am explaining you the importance of HANDMADE RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN. Because various other companies sells just ordinary SEV in the name of RATLAM. What they are actually doing is just print RATLAMI on their packets and fool their customers. They not even prepare those products in RATLAM either. They have their production unit somewhere else.

Their products are machine made. Therefore their taste is not that much good. They also use preservatives to make the validity few more months extra due to this they have to compromise on taste again. If we take an example of pickles tell me which one will be better homemade or machine made? Of course homemade. Now I think you got me.

In case you don’t know how to order RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN. It is very simple just logon to www.namito.in and place your order. NAMITO provides you the ORIGINAL RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN in one click. Our all product are prepared in RATLAM itself.

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