How to identify RATLAMI SEV ???

Hello Everyone,

How to identify RATLAMI SEV? Today I am going to reveal the technique that the sev you are eating is from RATLAM or not. When someone is offering you sev and also charged for it. Then you thought is this original sev from RATALM only if you are not resident of RATLAM.  People of RATLAM can easily sense the difference that you cannot. And the reason for this we are used to this since our early ages.

But, we can at least tell you the simple precaution you should take when buying RATLAMI Sev. So whenever you want to go for sev and namkeen just remember   the first step. Just taste the product because your tongue can tell much better than your eyes. Believe me in the first go you can be able to find the difference. Secondly, those illegitimate sev, when you taste it. You feel like lots of gram flour has been stuffed in your mouth. You cannot feel any ingredients and thier taste is worthless.

The special thing about RATLAMI SEV is that you never feel the gram flour. Instead you will sense the basic ingredients which are used in making that sev. RATLAMI SEV is crispy and crunchy. The best thing about this is, you can blend RATLAMI SEV with anything you want. For example your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks too. The taste will remain the same.

In order to save your time you can order original RATLAMI SEV easily from and you don’t have to conduct above experiment to find out the quality. Because we are super confident about our product and we will maintain this quality till eternity. Here at Namito we are offering the original RATLAMI SEV and as we say 100% surety of originality and we mean it.

Thank you so much, only if you are reading this. Have a great day !!!

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