Today I am going to share with you the JOURNEY OF NAMITO till now. It was all started at 10th December 2016. Our team comprises of Founder and Co-founder only. We started with limited fund and our aim was to go online with limited resources. But eventually we were not getting response that we expected. After some days we came to know that we are lacking in SEO and digital marketing. And at the same time we have to register for FSSAI also ant that was a kind of tough task for us.

When all this was happening we have to tackle the sales also. At that time our sales was next to nothing. Not a single person from our side has any knowledge about coding and digital marketing. And that’s where we were clue less. Our coder told us that it would take time to do SEO and all. If online sales will work for us but it will take few months but till then. So the alternate way of making sales through our product was discovered.

The way we decided was giving FREE HOME DELIVERY of our products. In the beginning it was not that much exciting but soon as our customer starts to grow and finally we found ourselves in a stable situation. The appreciation we get from our customers which motivates us through the entire journey. Now we have the confident we are doing much better with our products.

If you don’t know, we are doing this new concept of delivering SEV AND NAMKEEN (our products) in RATLAM itself. RATLAM is well known for its SEV AND NAMKEEN. If we done this much good work in RATLAM where competition is too much. After having lots of meetings and discussion we came to a decision that we should expand it to another city.

So we decided to move to INDORE. We are fully prepared for it and hope we will do better even best this time. In INDORE we are targeting super market customers and also FREE HOME DELIVERY to every INDORIANS. This step of ours going to change the era of SEV AND NAMKEEN lovers. This is the entire story of NAMITO till now. If any INDORIAN is reading this be ready for us. Our website is .  We are soon coming to your city folks.

This idea of delivering OF SEV AND NAMKEEN with an online platform is given by our Founder Chandresh Rajput. He is inspired hugely by Sir Sachin Bansal Founder and CEO of Flipkart. The Co-founder is Anshul Singhal. NAMITO face so many difficulty in his entire journey from website to license. But NAMITO never broke down. Our perseverance takes us here and we will go further definitely. Sky is the limit for NAMITO.



Thank you so much for reading this.

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