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Today I will going to talk about LAUNG SEV FROM THE RATLAM COUSINE. Of course there are many more things from Ratlam Cuisine. But I will specifically talk about LAUNG SEV. The most and often used as snack at various point. A day can’t be complete without that of a citizen of RATLAM. It is so versatile that it gets fit with everything and anything. The taste is so fine and delicious that you cannot resist.

                                                           INGREDIENTS OF LAUNG SEV

Things it require to be prepared. First of all you need gram flour, water and cooking oil. These are known as basic ingredients. The other things which you need is to be mixed with gram flour. These are pinch of turmeric powder, lemon juice, cloves, carom seeds, ginger powder and red chili powder. Now you have to mix all this in a right proportion. The dough prepared by you is now ready get deep fry. You need a frame through which this dough is passed directly into the hot oil.

So above is the whole procedure of making LAUNG SEV. I hope you have understand all the things. So what are you waiting for go and make it and serve it to your dear ones. Actually it is very simple to prepare. You only need a frame which is usually not available in our homes. Let me tell you one thing that LAUNG SEV FROM RATLAM has its unique taste and by any means you cannot prepare the same. If you are outsider, I mean not from RATLAM.

Yes! This is true. Many had tried before but didn’t succeed. And the same apply to you also. Though you can make it. But to taste the original LAUNG SEV FROM RATLAM you have only two options. First you can come to RATLAM anytime. The second option is quite convenient than the former one. Because you just need to click on this given link

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