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A very warm welcome to all of you. Previously we had talked about LAUNG SEV. But now we are going to share different variety of MIXTURE. For the people out there MIXTURE can be sweet, salty or spicy. Whether on the other hand NAMKEEN is something we always relates to salty things. So don not get confused by them. Apart from RATLAM’s SEV there are many other products which are good to taste. One of them is MEETHA & TEEKHA MIXTURE FROM RATLAM’s CUISINE.

For preparing MEETHA & TEEKHA MIXTURE at home is bit a herculean task. Not because it is difficult to prepare. But you need many other things already prepared to prepare this. MIXTURE is nothing but blend of various gram flor products. If you visit then you will find various products. From those products excluding some all are required. Just mix them in desired ratio and your MIXTURE is ready. It depends upon you which one you want to prepare MEETHA or TEEKHA.

I hope now you have some understanding of MIXTURE. Preparing this MIXTURE at home is not a good idea. So you can buy it from outside. But be aware of the taste and quality. Because the quality of RATLAMI MIXTURE is unbeatable. And if you are not from RATLAM then it would be difficult for you to get this. Someone said every problem has its solution. Here we come, a great round of applaud for NAMITO. It is an online platform to get all products related to SEV & NAMKEEN.

You just need to visit as mentioned earlier. You can order what you want. And NAMITO will be at your doorstep. NAMITO IS verified and authentic. So there is no second thought of forgery or anything else. NAMITO basically operates from RTALAM itself. So that you can rest assured of taste & quality. Our prices are reasonable then many others who are working in the same domain. The quality of products which NAMITO is offering is unmatchable.


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