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First of all NAMITO WISHES YOU A VERY HAPPY RAMNAVMI. It means today is the birthday anniversary of Lord Rama. All hindus worship Lord Rama. So this day becomes quite especial for them. Today every devotee will get ready early in the morning. Following the Hindu culture they worship Lord Rama with whole heart. Many of them does fast for the entire day. Lord Rama is known as the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

                                                                  ABOUT LORD RAMA

Everyone knows about him. Then also few things about him. He is the eldest son of King Dasaratha followed by Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan. He got married to Janaki daughter of King Janak of Mithila. After marriage he had to face exile of 14 years. As one of his step mother asked this as a wish from the King Dasarath. During the exile period he confronted the evil king of Lanka known as Ravana.

Ravana kidnapped Janaki and forced her to marry him. Then Lord Rama with all his army marched toward Lanka. After the magnificent fight between the duos. Lord Rama finally killed Ravana. That epic battle is described in the holy book Ramayana. He returned to Ayodhya after that. And when people welcomed him the day today celebrated as Diwali as we all know.

                                                  SOME TRUE DEVOTEE’s OF LORD RAMA

If you are from INDIA than you must be his devotee. But if you read RAMAYANA you get know that some of his devotee were far from exception. First name came to my mind is HANUMAN, he took birth only to serve Lord Rama. He dedicate his entire life for Rama. If you are chanting name of Rama then you have to chant his name also.

The other name is Shabri a great devotee of Lord Rama. She waited for decades for just to get the glimpse of him. This one is quite surprising but he is. Vibhishna one of the younger brother of RAVANA. Despite being from the family of RAVANA. He devoted his life towards Lord Rama. And if you’ll read the holy book RAMAYANA then you get to know about many others also.

At last NAMITO WISHES YOU A VERY HAPPY RAMNAVMI. Here I can mention NAMITO is not a person. It is an online platform for providing you the original RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN. Right now if you are in any corner of the country don’t worry. NAMITO delivers across INDIA. NAMITO is always at your disposal.

                                                      NAMITO FARIYALI DANA                    Thank you for reading this. Have an awesome day!!!


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