If NAMKEEN doesn’t exist in our life???

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It sounds weird that if NAMKEEN doesn’t exist. In our day to day life we need things which are mediocre and do not understand their importance. Things which become the part of your life without even letting us know. We never thought of their existence but they are equally important as other things are. If we talk about salt, which we use almost in every meal but we only notice, its absence in our food not the other way round. Just like that many things which are crucial for us but we never recognise their worth because they seems to be ordinary.

A considerable number of people after getting up in the morning read newspaper. Ever thought of what would be our life become if newspaper does not exist. Many times it happens with us that when we do not need nail cutter it remains in our eyesight but the time we need that nail cutter it disappears. At that particular moment we realize it’s important. I am just trying to show that our life would become miserable without those little thing we use in our daily life.

teekha mixture

If NAMKEEN does not exist then our life remains the same because we have some other alternatives than. But if we look at NAMKEEN, it makes our life a lot easier. At our tea break we usually have it. When having our meal and we find it tasteless and finally we take some NAMKEEN and now taste is balanced. NAMKEEN is so reasonable that it has no limitations. Like any one can get it whether he is rich or poo, men or women, smart or stupid, customer or vendor etc.

So I cannot find there is any good in having a life without NAMKEEN. If it does not exist then we must have some other option but individually I think NAMKEEN is the best possible thing to humanity. I also hope that it exist till humanity exist.

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