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I hope you all doing well in your life. This time I am going to write about the NAMKEEN MARKET IN INDIA. The snacks can be classified as sweet and salty. The market of sweet has its different story. But we will talk about salty snacks market. This market is divided into 3 segments. First one is chips of different branding. Second one is extruded snacks. And third one is traditional snacks.

Here at NAMITO we are doing business in traditional snacks. In traditional snacks products are prepared manually at most time. There are no big plants or manufacturing units. If we talk about India, the traditional market seems to have many competitors. But the dominating player currently is HALDIRAM, who has covered almost 60% market share. After him there comes a Gujrat based company name BALAJI.

The market witnessed an appreciable growth in some years. According to a report in 2008 the NAMKEEN market is 2.4K crore but in 2013 it rose up to 8K crore. So we can expect a good growth rate in upcoming future. For a rough calculation if we divide 8K by 4K cities of India. We got to know that approximately 2 crore for each city per annum. And the market is growing continuously. You can make a fortune out of it.

You will find out that we are talking only about traditional market because NAMITO deals in it. If we further see we have two types. Branded and unbranded. Everyone knows about former one. But the unbranded segment is about the local vendors. Though unbranded segment has witnessed decline of 5% per annum in past 2-3 years.

The reason is simple because in unbranded segment validity of the product is not more than a month. But branded ones with their unique packaging make the validity lasts long to 6 months or more. Due to this they can do business in every corner of the country. And unbranded ones lacking behind, because they are bounded by their limits.

NAMITO as being a startup wants to expand. We don’t have that fancy packing that lasts long. But we have find a substitute for this problem. We decided to manufacture the product just after the order has placed and then just pack & sent. So the quality and freshness of the product remain intact. So just for your knowledge NAMITO deals in RATLAMI NAMKEEN AND SEV, which is prepared in RATLAM itself.

Just visit our website and explore through different products and order as well. Our firm is registered and website is also secured. So don’t worry at all. And in case you want to call us, please do call us. We will love to listen from you either suggestions or complains.


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