Do not believe whatever you see !!!

Hello friends,

The climate of RATLAM is decent today. I wish that your city has a decent climate too. In our day to day life, mostly happened that when we see a news or any whatsapp forward. We just start believing it. Without any prior knowledge of the fact, we start condemning the fact or start praising it. That’s our weakness or lack of logical reasoning. Many times it happens with all of us. That we started in believe in something and as our believe start to grow. Then a point comes in our life where we confront the reality behind our belief and at that point our belief shatters.

Sometimes in our life many people come and go, and many matter to us and many doesn’t. Our mind works in a sophisticated way. Usually, our mind believe whatever it see in first place, not everything but many of them. If someone says that this mobile is good go for it. Most of us not even try to search or ask for something better and go with the former option without any hesitation. And it’s also difficult to make up our mind not to believe whatever it see.

If something is not visible or then our mind automatically turns out to be dicey about that thing and its human nature too. The above article is based on true experience and observance. Now let conclude all this. Across India, in many cities people are selling SEV AND NAMKEEN in the name of RATLAM. And the people out there are so innocent that they use to believe it because they are not aware of ORIGINAL RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN.

Believe me folks, its true!! BUT if you click on and go through our website once, you will get to find various RATLAMI PRODUCT. For your kind information our production unit is in RATLAM itself. NAMITO will give you the best and authentic product from RATLAM, which are also made in RATLAM so rest assured for the quality.

Thank you so much for reading this, only if you are reading this. Have an awesome day.


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