A City of Food & Jewels – RATLAM

A city of food and jewels – RATLAM. It is known as RATANPURI in ancient time. And the king who ruled this city was RATAN SINGH RATHORE from Rajputana. He got this city as a reward for his bravery by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. RATLAM is situated in northwestern part of Malwa region in Madhya Pradesh of central India. In ancient time it is also known as gem city. That’s all is about the history and geographical aspect of RATLAM.


If you are not the domicile of RATLAM then you must know these things for sure. It is basically famous for three things, first Saree – you can get a wide range and different variety of sarees here. Second, Gold – the gold you can get here is almost 24 karat and number of designs is also available. In fact people from different state comes here occasionally just for buying gold. Last but not the least, RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN – as you all know this is the USP of RATLAM.



Whenever you make up your mind to visit here you can definitely visit these famous places like Kalika Mata Temple, Kedareshwar Temple, Isarthuni, Cactus Garden, JVL Temple and lots more to explore. Our traditions and culture are deep rooted but we are also adapting modern amenities. As we are food loving people the most famous snack here is poha with sev and famous meal is Daal Baati. If you have not taste this delicious food then you need to come here.

RATLAM is also known for its Junction because it is the busiest and has the most beautiful platform. It comes under Western Zone of INDIAN RAILWAYS. The four major tracks passing through it are Mumbai, Delhi, Khandwa and Ajmer. The cleanliness of its station are the main talk of the town and people are too co-operative in making the station as well as the city as clean as much possible.


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