Reached a new milestone !!!

Team Namito,

Hello everyone, so now from starting a website we just reached a new milestone. First namito has it’s website but now it has an office too. For others it is an ordinary thing but for us it’s an achievement. Slowly, yet we are progressing that’s what keeps us motivating and also the thumb rule for success. We are offering a variety of Ratlami Namkeen(Sev) to every Indian through our website Namito but it does not work out in the way we want it to be. Frankly speaking, we need some extra effort to reach each and every individual that’s why we need an office.

As of now we have at least a particular place to gather and start picking things which can prove to be a boon for us and rectifying our previous mistakes. Overall this post is all about how we are going through different phases, as we are a new start up and till now we have faced many challenges and even our competitors are also increasing gradually but that’s what business is.

If you are reading this, then you must go for placing an order for Ratlami Namkeen (Sev) from Namito  do try it for once and you’ll definitely ask for more. Namito has every product of super fine quality and rich taste of spices like our laung  sev, dankhal, chatpata meetha mixture, Ratlami sev special and many others.

Just to remind you that the Ratlami Namkeen or sev which we are offering is delicious and if you compare with others those who are  offering the same products then our rates are far more reasonable. Namito does not forces you to go for at least this much kg’s or up to certain price band and all kind of stuff. Here at Namito you can even order 500 gm if you want to. Thank you for reading this and we are always at your disposal.

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On train delivery available If you are in train and passing through ratlam then Place your order through website 4 hours before train reaches the station NOTE:- Dont forget to mention your PNR no. And seat birth in the discription box while you are ordering Call on this no 7000109521 if any problem occurs Dismiss