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Today I am going to talk about  TASTE YOU’LL NEVER FORGET. First of all a very Happy Navratri because from today onwards Navratri begins. Everyone in their childhood remember that boomer a chewing gum used to come and we were crazy for that. We as a child used to had them and make balloons with that.

Similarly that one toffee of Parle in orange color was my favorite. These are the memories and taste of our childhood which we’ll never forget. For everyone it is quite difficult to forget the taste of Paani Puri often seen on roadside stalls. Just in case you forget the maggi noodles. Till at this age maggi is my favorite one.

Hope you getting my point. I just want to say that many kind of taste we have gone through in our entire life. But few are the ones we’ll never forget. I am doing nothing special here. But realizing you the meaning of taste in a different way. Like everyone is fond of their mother’s cooking and why not.


Our country has many traditions and cultures. Therefore India is also known as “Unity in diversity”. Just because of this diversity we have diversity of tastes also. If we talk about some items like from south we have Dosas, in Punjab we have Lassi, Pethas from Agra, Dhokla from Gujrat and so forth.

Our country is full of taste and flavors. Which also unite us in some way or other. In India there is state called Madhya Pradesh, the central part of our country. In Madhya Pradesh a city known as RATLAM is present. RATLAM is insanely famous for its best quality RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN.

If you ever comes to taste the ORIGINAL RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN. Then I can say that THE TASTE YOU’LL NEVER FORGET. Till now the only difference in above things and RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN is that the former you can get easily. But the later one difficult to get. But don’t worry every problem has its solution.

So if you want to taste the RATLAM’s sev and namkeen at anytime and anywhere. Just visit where you can go through many products offer by NAMITO. And if you place your order and get the product then I promise you that THE TASTE YOU’LL NEVER FORGET.


Thank You so much for reading this. Have an awesome day!!!

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