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Today we’ll going to talk about TASTE, TOUNGUE AND TIME. If you heard something tastes good and you want to know, is it? The one and only way to find that is to taste it. Right guys but there is something which help us in recognizing good or bad taste, plain or salty taste, sweet or sour taste. It only can be done with the help of TOUNGUE. It is a crucial part of our body. Apart from taste it helps us in speaking or you can say pronouncing words clearly.

So it is clear from the above that taste and tongue are co-related in some way. We have gather information about taste and tongue but what about time? Taste evolves with time and tongue too. In the beginning we have fruits to eat. Slowly we used to categorize fruit on the basis of their taste. Then we moved to some basic cereals of our daily need. There we found wheat, barley, maize, pulses. There we came to know that add different things together gives a new taste and we keep on improvising.

Someone somewhere found cocoa and then made chocolates and now our tongue cannot resists when we see it. Transformation keeps it pace with time and we get see new things. If we talk about INDIA we all know about a state KERALA. In KERALA there are various kind of spices. Across INDIA we use spices in our daily meal. In fact spices are export to different countries. From those spices we use some of them to prepare RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN.

As time changes then taste and tongue also changes. People from different region has different taste and it remains like this. But if we want to explore new taste then we have to take the step. Try new and different taste of RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN. You just need to click on www.namito.in and go through our various product with different and delicious taste.

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