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A very warm welcome to all of you here. It’s been a long time. This time we decided to write about something. That is trending worldwide. As we all know world is transforming at very rapid pace. With the help of technology everything is moving on internet these days. From banking to electricity bills, recharge, movies, train or bus ticket. Most of them are digitalized and we use electronic medium to pay for it.

It sounds great that we could save our time by using above methods. But on the other hand there is also a dark side. Many of you might be familiar with the RANSOMWARE which is trending all over the world. Unfortunately not for good reasons. When whole world is catching up with the pace on the other hand someone is trying to take advantage of the situation. There are many type of virus on internet and this one is also the one of them.

Some anonymous person/group created it and gave it a name called “WANNACRY”. Recently it affected lakhs of computer across the globe. As it named RANSOMWARE it asks for ransom. Actually it got a loop hole in windows operating system excluding windows 10.1. It mostly targeted windows 7 or older version. It entered into your device and encrypt your all files and data. Ask for ransom in terms of BITCOINS.

They also give you time to arrange for the bitcoins. If you pay them they will decrypt your data and files. And if you do not they will double the ransom. After that they will crash your hard disk. So to protect your computer or laptop update it for the latest version. Also have a windows patch. Make a backup of all your important files and data on offline hard drive.

So this time NAMITO tries to spread awareness among internet users. If you find it useful then share with your friends and family. Do visit and do not forget to place your order. For your information NAMITO deals in RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN and various products.

Thank you for reading this. Smile often and smile always !!!

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