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I welcome you all once again. Today I decided to write about the key to success that is EDUCATION. The time since we born till death has many aspect. The most important is education. It is and should be the fundamental right of every human after birth. For a nation to develop and become successful all is need to be educated. To run a nation it needs skilled human resources in every domain. Whether it is officer level, clerks, defense personnel, banker or farmer.

I am not talking about the higher education. But everyone should get privilege to have basic and desired education. At least one can read, write and understand at first. If we talk about INDIA many steps are taken toward this but we are still lacking. The only difference in developed and developing country is the people of former are educated. Educating someone is like making him/her self-dependent and dignified. Everything can be taken from you but if you are educated. Then no one can take it from you.

                                                            MERITS OF EDUCATED

If you are educated the most important thing is you can speak for yourself. The life will become convenient. People will respect you. There is a lot more opportunity for you. You can cope up with really fast changing world day by day. Your self-confidence will boost up. Your standard of living will get improved. You can explore the world in a new way and your perception will definitely change. And later you will discover that you are reborn.

                                                          DEMERITS OF UNEDUCATED

The first and the most important is your existence. Which is always unnoticeable by others. People will not treat you the way they treat others. You will never get what you deserved. The sad part is that you cannot even fight for the things you want. Your life will become miserable. No one will appreciate you at most of the time. Our soldiers fight only during the war but people who are uneducated has to fight each and every day. The world seems to be ruthless for them.

If you have read above paragraphs you will find that EDUCATION can make a huge difference. NAMITO here ask you to help those who are struggling for their education. In 99% cases the reason is financial condition. So NAMITO pledge to every reader that in some way or other they personally help some under privilege children to get their educational against all the odds. If you are capable then please do it. “IT WILL MAKE INDIA GREAT AGAIN”  

Thank you so much for reading this please share this as much as possible. NAMITO is happy to take this thinking forward and help our nation. Our online platform is where you can buy RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN and drop any suggestion if you want to.

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