The Original namkeen and sev

Original ratlam’s namkeen and sev

Once upon a time there was a gold merchant Sukaram in a village. At the time he started his business he was the only person who deals in gold. His gold was in the purest form possible. Gradually, everyone started to come to his shop for gold. He started to become popular. At the same time the gold merchant of other villages are getting jealous of him.

At every occasion and ceremony no matter what people want Sukaram’s gold ornament. This was good for him but not to other merchants. As the time passes Sukaram is getting better and better. But other merchants were not happy with this. The others were trying to sabotage his business but not succeeding.

After a decade few merchants came up with the idea. They just started using the name of Sukaram. But in his name they were giving, their gold ornaments. Sukaram is totally unaware of this possibility. Those merchants started to deceive as many people as possible. The problem is that the people inside the village of Sukaram know the different. But people from outside could not tell the difference and could easily be lured.

This unethical way of doing business still prevails in our world. Now let me conclude this story for you. That Sukaram’s village is RATLAM and that gold is RATLAM’s NAMKEEN AND SEV. The RATLAM’s product is in the purest form possible. “But some other merchants are just using the name but not the product”. The people of RATLAM know the difference but others simply don’t.

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The Sukaram above is NAMITO. Today who is trying to give THE ORIGINALS but others out in there are trying to lure people. NAMITO is an online platform for various RATLAM’s product. We can proudly say that we are actually doing the genuine work and trying to make this world a better place.

So guys you must visit our website and place your order. Enjoy the different tastes and feel the essence of purity.

Thank you so much for reading this and have a great day !!

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