Transitional Phase from Retail to Online

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Transitional Phase from Retail to Online let’s take a dig into it. I hope you all doing good in your life. Today NAMITO will talk about how time and technology changed and we did not realised it. From old days to new days everything has changed. Like if we talk about music the old classics are totally different from the new songs. If we talk about clothes there you can see a tremendous change. As well as our transport and communication medium has also changed a lot.

Today things are moving so rapidly that we have to chase them otherwise we lose. This rapid transitional phase between time and us is due to the phenomenal progress in technology. At first when we were not aware of technology we find it absurd. But as we get to know about it gradually. We fell in love with it. Main role played by technology is to connect us by different means. Like communication, transportation, medically and make our hectic life less vulnerable with the help of technology.

Hope you get superficial meaning of the fact I am talking about. Let’s come straight to the point. In early 80s and 90s if we want to get something. We have to go to the market. But if we need something which is not available in city. Then we have to wait or go to the desire location. It was all quite difficult. For each and every thing we were dependent on retail stores.

In early 2000 technology takes a huge turn. And INTERNET came into existence. Through which various things from retail counter to online platform. By this we are able to reach anywhere in the world. We can buy anything from anywhere. This makes a win-win situation for buyers and sellers. Everything is accessible and within reach of each and every one. If you like something which not in your city or state. Then you can order it online with ease.

NAMITO brings you something like that. NAMITO offers you the online platform for ORIGINAL RATLAMI SEV AND NAMKEEN. Where you can buy various products that NAMITO offers. Just go to our website and place your order.

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